Pedal 4 Patients 2022

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200 miles of cycling in three days? Yes! Nine intrepid, fantastic riders squared up to Pedal4Patients 2022 and cycled through our gorgeous Cornwall last weekend (we did tiptoe briefly into Devon with a Plymouth start) culminating in the glorious finale at Land’s End.

What a brilliant team! They trained, they planned, they ached, they grunted, their little legs went like pistons, and they laughed. They encountered some truly stinking hills and their resilience, stamina and fitness were challenged beyond expectation.

Pedal4Patients team cycling through crossroads
Paul Lidder on a table

RCHT Charity Community Fundraiser Lynne Lees said ‘the team have been incredible. They’ve raised funds to benefit the people of Cornwall across our three hospitals and we all owe them a debt of gratitude. They’ve pushed themselves to the limit, battled injury, self doubt and aching limbs to help make a difference and I’m so proud of them all’.

Steve and Ellie Wotton
Tom Stiles, support rider

Pedal4Patients support cyclist Tom Stiles said “cycling 200 miles over 3 days for RCHT Charity is just a great experience – lots of ups and downs across an amazing landscape with what turned out again to be a great group of fundraisers. I was lucky enough to be asked to be part of the cycling support crew as well this year. I’ve done similar events in the past so knew what to expect – but for first timers to this sort of multi-day ride it can be a real challenge. It was an honour being able to support the group all the way down and a brilliant ride”.

Fundraising for the RCHT Paediatric Wards for the second year running, P4P cyclist Brendon James said

“Pedal 4 Patients was an incredible event to be a part of. It was a real privilege to be involved in such a brilliant fundraiser that will make a massive difference to the lives of our patients.

“The ride itself was really challenging, but I felt safe and looked after every step of the way thanks to top-notch first response and mechanical support, as well as food and water stops and support riders who rode with us. The group were all extremely friendly, and helped each other every step of the way. I would highly recommend Pedal 4 Patients to anyone!”.

Ellie Wotton and Anneka Southworth cycling
Steve Wotton wearing a 'this guy needs a beer' cycling top

Pedal4Patients would not have been possible without the generosity and kindness of RCHT Charity’s great friends.

Dave, Timmo, Brian and Nick from Sustrans were the perfect technical support crew, with wise words and constant cheerleading. Steve and Morwenna from The Kapar Group were superb First Responders, whizzing around behind the riders at all times. Tom Stiles and Neil Davidson were the Pedal4Patients expert cycle support riders, literally pushing one rider up a hill! Kier Construction and RCHT Sustenation ensured the team were splendidly fed and superbly looked after.

Pedal4Patients support crew
Morwenna holding Gino the dog

Please click the link below to read all about the Pedal4Patients Team of 2022 and, if you can, please support them. Every single penny helps to make a difference:

The Pedal4Patients team holding champagne at Land's End

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